Exposed! New Mahindra Quanto is Revealed Before its Launch on 20 Sep

Update: Mahindra has launched the Quanto at 5.82 Lakh. For all the details, variants and prices, click here.

It was just a matter of time before we saw proper production versions of the much awaited compact UV, Mahindra Quanto. And here they come! Pics of Mahindra Quanto exposing it in totality.


These pics are shared by a Team-Bhp member Torque-ative. What is evident from the pics is that Quanto doesn’t look ‘bad’ even after knowing that it, essentially, is a chopped version of bigger Xylo. Here are our observations looking at the pics:

  • This is a demo test drive dealer car as clearly mentioned.
  • Seems like Mahindra would use variant names as ‘C4′,’C6′,’C8’. We do not know how many trims Quanto would be available in.
  • This particular Quanto is the ‘C8’ trim which, we expect to be the top-most trim.
  • There is a xylo in one of the pics and Quanto appears almost as taller or probably slightly even more.
  • Alloys on the mini-UV look good
  • This is a 7-seater as we can see the rear jump seats. It seems there wouldn’t be any 5 seater Quanto as has been touted because all Quanto’s we have seen till now have been 7-seaters.
  • The front looks Xylo-ish but the rear has been altered. The tail cluster moves up in Christmas-tree like positioning. What looks shoddy are those blackened top portion of these lights. Mahindra could have easily elongated the brake lights and placed the reverse lights in this cluster only. Currently, the two brake lights are embodied on the rear bumper. This probably done to provide more illumination in dark areas and even Ford is doing a similar exercise on their upcoming Figo.
  • The tail-mounted spare wheel does give it a nice butch look.


The interiors as we know are heavily shared with Xylo and look as good or bad as they, on the Xylo.

There are strong speculations surrounding the world wide web of Quanto possessing a 100bhp 1.5L diesel motor. However, we are a little skeptical about this move from Mahindra, if at all that is true and have already talked about it in detail.

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In all probability, Mahindra should be pricing it between the 5-7 Lakh range ensuring people swarm like anything for this ‘supposedly’ VFM product. Nonetheless, Quanto would be officially revealed on 20th September which is when we would know about the prices in detail.

Read on there are more pics below. If there is anything which we have failed to notice, do share them in the comments section below.


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Mahindra Quanto Clear Pics:

Pics Credit: Team-Bhp

2 thoughts on “Exposed! New Mahindra Quanto is Revealed Before its Launch on 20 Sep”

  1. Uglisest vehicle to grace Indian roads after the xylo , mahindra seriously needs to send their designers for some designing course .and why the hell they are calling this suv ? In no angle it looks like a suv .
    And being as tall as the xylo how will it handle is anybody’s guess .

    • Yes Mahindra could have come up with a better front design. Even the refreshed Xylo looks could have been carried over but they might have reserved it for future facelifts.
      But according to reports this could be a real VFM offering for people looking out for cheaper UVs


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