Mahindra’s XUV 500 has been touted as the company’s finest yet in terms of engineering. Perhaps, that is not enough for some or it may just be a matter of standing out in the crowd, but whatever the reason, it is always nice to see creativity flowing in abundance.

This XUV caught our editor’s attention like few modified vehicles do, and we thought of taking a closer look at the picture…

Modified-XUV-500-Pics (5)

I like the matte-finish exterior color, but the red wheels look garish in my opinion. The owner has neatly incorporated a snorkel though I wonder if it’s actually a working unit or just for show. I say that because the overall mods done on this vehicle seem to focus more towards enhancing the looks and less on the actual on/off-road performance.

The biggest example of that would be those tires which, other than giving you a good amount of traction in mud and slush, would do little in more arduous off-road conditions. The major hindrance, both on and off the road, would be the turning radius or the lack of it basically. Anyway, the chap has installed a winch to bail him out if he is stuck off road while he would not care about people honking away to glory when he performs a 7-point U-turn on city roads…

Modified-XUV-500-Pics (2)

Still, those air-scoops, if not artificial, would not only send more air for better combustion but also help in keeping the engine run a little cooler, which it would need because of pulling all that girth… Going by a decal at the front, it seems the owner calls it as Intrepid! The extra lights and sirens on the roof will have the cops come cartwheeling with their challan (fine) books/e-challan-devices. And I cannot comment on the rigidity of those roll-over bars that seem to be far cry from an ideal six-point roll cage.

That being said, this is one leviathan that will certainly turn heads. The mods done are extreme and the only thing that’s not added are wings! We liked this Intrepid, do you..?

Images via Team-BHP FB Page

Modded XUV500 Pics




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