Suzuki Swift Sport Front

There have been a lot hue and cry about New Swift’s braking issues in almost all major blogs and forums. We have also received quite a few queries and comments about the lack of braking effectiveness on the new Swift.

Maruti Suzuki is considering fixing the issue. Of late, owners of one of the country’s favorite hatch, Swift, have been complaining that the brake pedal of the car becomes hard at speeds of 10 – 15 kmph and eventually the car losses on braking force. This is genuine matter of serious concern, especially considering congested city traffic in India.

Suzuki Swift Sport Front

Maruti is working on the software of Swift to work out this issue of ineffective braking but has denied any official ‘recall’ of the car.

Till date, only a few of the victimized customers have been asked to get their cars checked at the Authorized Service Center and rectify any braking problem they were facing and that too after months of complaining!

Maruti said, “there is no recall of Swift in India. We have not issued any technical or engineering checks on the car so far”.

We hope Maruti considers this as a serious safety hazard and officially recalls the car to fix the issue for all the existing owners.


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Arghya Pan

Source: Economic Times




  1. I am alos facing this issue on my swift dzire.Went to service center many time but no success.They drive and say it as no issue.don’t know what to do in this case.Anyone listening from Maruti management please help in this matter .I am available @9911354070(Delhi ncr region)


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