Earlier we promised to bring you any further news related to the Ferrari F620 GT and you must have read that. Our last post was regarding the leaked images of Ferrari F620 GT and its specifications. Now we bring you this: Ferrari people couldn’t stop themselves from responding to these posts. Yesterday we said that we have speculation that those images were of F620 GT, the most powerful car ever made by Ferrari! And now Ferrari has said enough to make it sure that these images are indeed of the mighty F620 GT.

This supercar is to be officially revealed on February 29th and is supposed to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Well, the speculated specifications are yet to be confirmed by Ferrari. For the time being, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Though we still expect this pocket rocket to be powered with the most powerful engine made by Ferrari, a V12, 740 HP, 935.5 Nm unit! Also the car is supposed to be a front engine, rear wheel drive one.




Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash




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