Ferrari F620 GT- Out on sale now!

As all of us already know, 29th February was the day for official launch of the car that was a center of discussion for past few days, the Ferrari F620 GT. So, as we promised, we’re here with the official launch updates. Ferrari has named the car as F12 Berlinetta, finished with a stunning Rosso Berlinetta Three Layer Color.

Since Ferrari has previously confirmed that those leaked images were of the F620 GT, there were only interiors, performance and specifications left to talk about.
For the interiors part, we see a light carbonfibre dash board with alluminium air vents, the new Frau-Leather wrapped interior, loaded with advanced technologies and handcrafted detailing. The car has an additional luggage storage room behind the seats. The driver finds himself surrounded by the cockpit that is loaded with the typical Ferrari Human Machine Interface. It allows the driver to reach the major commands at ease.
As for the performance, we have a little thing to rectify; this new pocket rocket does 0-100 kmph in 3.1 seconds which we’ve speculated earlier as 3.0 seconds. The F12 Berlinetta weighs 1525 Kg which is 70 Kg lesser than its predecessor. The weight is well distributed as 54 per cent on the rear axle and 46 per cent on the frond axle. Ferrari’s new transaxle layout is there to cope up the extreme performance of the car. The newly designed rear suspension, gearbox and lowered chassis results a lower center of gravity. The V12 engine has a displacement of 6262 CC and the layout is at 65˚ angle. Rest of the engine specification remains the same as we’ve stated earlier. The power to weight ratio is just 2.1 kg/HP. By revising the engine, aerodynamics, tyres and weight, fuel consumption has been reduced by 30 per cent than its predecessor and the CO2 emissions has been reduced to just 350 gm/km.

The rest of the technical Specifications are mentioned below:

Type – 65-degree V12

Total displacement – 6262 cc

Maximum power output – 740 HP at 8500 rpm

Maximum torque – 690 Nm at 6000 rpm

Dimensions and weight
Length – 4618 mm

Width – 1942 mm

Height – 1273 mm

Dry weight – 1525 kg

Weight distribution – 46% front, 54% rear

Weight-power ratio – 2.1 kg/HP
Maximum speed – over 340 km/h

0-100 km/h – 3.1 seconds

0-200 km/h – 8.5 seconds
Fuel consumption and emissions (ECE + EUDC combined cycle)

Consumption – 15l/100 km

CO2 – 350 g/km

It’s a Formula 1 car to us!
What do you think of the photographs? Have a look and tell us!

Arghya Pan
Team MotorBash

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