Fiat Confirms Sub-Punto Car to us & its Coming Soon!

Fiat India has been having a tough time when we talk about their car sales but as an engine supplier their success is unbeatable. At the moment, there are more than 18 cars that run on their 1.3 Liter & 1.6 Liter Multijet diesel engines. You can refer to the list here.

Their car sales are down at a two year low and in order to move up, they seem to be planning to use the tried and tested way of bringing products in the volume segment. Yes, we are looking at a car below the present entry level Punto Evo.

At the recent press conference of the launch of 145 hp Abarth Punto and Avventura yesterday, we got hold of one senior member of the management who confirmed that the company is planning to bring a new car very soon through a very confusing statement. Here’s what the exact words were:

Fiat Punto Evo front

“We are going to bring a car as an entry to the Punto range very shortly and you will receive information about that imminently.”

He used the word ‘a car’ and not a variant but the term ‘entry to the Punto range’ is confusing. So are they planning a new lesser variant or an altogether a new car?

The present Punto Evo’s entry level petrol variant, gets a 1.2 litre Fire engine and has a price tag of Rs 4,99,368 ex-showroom, Delhi. So, are they planning a 4 Lakh car/variant because even if they intend to introduce a 4.5 lakh entry level Punto, we believe it will not make much of a difference.

Fiat Punto Evo rear

There are rumors that we may see the return of the Palio brand and these may just be the first official hints. Well, Fiat, whatever it is bring it on!

1 thought on “Fiat Confirms Sub-Punto Car to us & its Coming Soon!”

  1. Ever since Fiat started its operations here in India,Not even a single year it has posted a progressive picture.Fiat does not need a introduction at all.But here what and where went wrong
    is quite unpredictable.If the company is breathing it is just because of its multijet engine as everyone knows.Neither the Uno’s,Seinna’s Palio’s Petra’s Punto’s having Tendulkar as their
    brand Ambassador failed to create any euphoria in the market.
    At least now the market is afloat with more creative and brand sense generation customers.
    Competition like never before In this juncture the company should not make any miscalculations and should infuse a fresh wave with their latest products from the scratch a mini ca under the lines of 124,a MPV probably the Multipla the latest showcased pick-up and the afore shown hatchback should bring back the loyal customers to the show rooms.Why can’t the
    proven Cinquecintto be the early bird ?


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