Over the last few days, the Fiat Linea has been hogging all the limelight at our homepage. The latest spying comes as a sort of a virtual high point : the spotting of a Linea with a ‘Classic’ badge by a Teamfiat forum member.

The member, sharma_sanjeevin was on his way to office when he spotted this reported test mule. Unfortunately, this is the only pic we have which has the current Linea moniker with a ‘Classic’ badge. The only thing amiss here is the bootlid opening keyhole which sits exactly under the FIAT logo on the current Linea. But its timing comes at a time when Fiat is all set to unravel the Linea Classic in the market. If you are confused what exactly is happening, read on as we clear it out for you…


Fiat has got elaborate plans for its workhorse Linea. By next year, there will actually be two Lineas in the Indian market. They are already testing the Linea Facelift in India which will be launched towards the early months of next year. And then this – the existing Linea which will get rebranded as the Linea Classic. Fiat already offers a similar configuration of Lineas in Turkey.

The Linea facelift will prowl the higher reaches of the C-segment against the Vernas and the Citys. The Linea Classic will take care of the entry level C-segment sedans like Etios, Fiesta Classic and others. Obviously, the current Linea will be slashed of a few features to make it look more utilitarian. This is also expected to come with a price cut that will aptly put the Linea Classic in the range of its new competitors.

This is Turkey’ Linea Classic. Appears to be very similar to our regular Linea

Linea Classic will continue to run on the same set of 1.4L naturally aspirated petrol engine as well as the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine. Will there be any tuning changes to these motors, we are unsure! But since Fiat is actually road testing the Linea Classic, they may make a few changes to the mechanicals. Fiat will launch Linea Classic towards the end of this year

The Linea Facelift has been on our radar for the last few days. We, at MotorBash, were the first to share the spyshots of the car with conclusive evidences on 13th August.

So Are you up for the Linea Classic?

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