JD Power car quality survey US

Toyota’s Lexus luxury brand got the first spot in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for the second consecutive year with only 73 complaints per 100 cars in US.

JD Power car quality survey US

Jaguar comes up as a surprise factor in this race by grabbing the second spot with 75 complaints per 100 cars. Last year Jaguar’s was at 20th spot. The others auto giants that succeeded to grab the next positions were Porsche on the third position with Cadillac on fourth and Honda on fifth one.

Nissan also show a remarkable success in the survey by acquiring 12th position which was 27th last year.

The poor performer were Ford slipping four spots to 27th overall with 118 complaints per 100 cars, the chrysler falling nine places to 25th spot and Hyundai falling from 11th place to 18th place.

The culprit for Ford’s decline can be its MyFord Touch infotainment system for its complicated and slow reacting interface.Dave Sargent, vice president of J.D. Power’s global automotive division commented that the MyFord Touch system has been problematic. The Chrysler’s other brands Ram, Jeep and Dodge were a success in this year’s survey.

The Fiat brand holds the last place with 151 complaints per 100 cars, this brand wasn’t included in the survey last year.

The survey shows the major complaints were due to factory-installed, hands-free communication systems with poor voice recognition functions. These complaints have increased 137 percent over the last four years.

The survey also reveals that most of the complaints comes from drivers aged 35 and less rather the older one. The reason could be the higher expectations of the younger customers.


Source: J.D. Power Study





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