First Pics of the Gorgeous Hyundai Veloster From Pune

Hyundai has been teasing the Hyundai Veloster in India for some time. After its concept form unveiling, it was launched in a few international markets. Hyundai also showcased Veloster at Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi. 


Now, Hyundai is keeping the car on display in dealerships of major cities of India. It is currently on display at Garve Hyundai in Pune till 25th April. We went to the showroom to check out the car in person and here are many pictures of the car for you to drool over.

First up, this sports coupe looks gorgeous and the best Hyundai we have seen on Indian roads till now. The car is a 3 door – two front and open-able door only at the left for rear and it is placed on the window very similar to Chevrolet’s Beat. The quality of this car looked pretty much higher than the regular Hyundais we have on sale here.


This particular car had Korean language inscribings at a few places like the tyre pressure sticker etc. Large wheels are complemented by spunky alloys and low profile tyres which were Hankook branded. The overall proportions of the car are pretty low and the falling roofline gives it a superb sporty glance from either sides.

On the inside, you get dual colored red and black bucket seats. Dashboard is all black and shares its design language with other Hyundais. There are many cubbyholes to keep your cold drinks and water bottles. Legroom was decent however the headroom was absolutely scarce specially at the rear. I, being a little less than 5’10, had to bend my head down to completely accommodate myself in. Hence, if Hyundai plans to launch it in India, they will have to do something to improve the headroom at the rear else it is a 2+2 sports coupe at best.


Hyundai Veloster is powered by a 1.6L GDI petrol engine which is offered in regular naturally aspirated from and with a turbocharger. The regular variant produces 138hp of power and 167Nm of torque whereas the turbocharged Veloster produces 201hp of power and 264Nm of torque. This particular car was mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox.


It appears that Hyundai wants to gauge the interest the car garners before taking a final decision on Veloster’s Indian entry. So, the best way to tell the Korean giant is to voice your opinion. Do share if you want this Veloster in India in the comments section below.


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