A few days back we shared about test mule of XUV 5OO spotted in Brazil clearing the air that Mahindra is targeting their world car for Brazil. 

It is also known that Mahindra is planning to export Quanto to European countries. Now, a reader of noticiasautomotivas.com.br has managed to snap a fleet of Mahindra SUVs in Paria Grande, São Paulo coast. We have also discussed that Mahindra will take part in the upcoming São Paulo Auto Show and will mainly focus on the XUV5OO. But these photos indicates a possible change of their plans.


In the photos we see a fully camouflaged Quanto is on the move, escorted by XUV5OO and Scorpio. So, it seems that Quanto might be on the way to make it’s appearance at the São Paulo Auto Show. But to make it’s way to Brazil, Quanto needs to have a change under the hood. The 100 HP 1.5-Litre twin-turbocharged diesel motor is not the best option for the Brazilian market. Rather, a petrol engine would be more sensible. Though we don’t have any confirmation about the engine of this spotted mule, it doesn’t look like there would be any major variation.


After making a big splash in India, Quanto is all set to sail through to different continents where it would face a more difficult task of competing with better perceived brands like Ford EcoSport and Renault/Dacia Duster. How would it pay off….let’s wait for the time to tell its tale!

You can read more about Quanto’s variants, features, technical sepecifications and on road prices here.


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Mahindra SUV Fleet Photos:


Arghya Pan

Source: noticiasautomotivas.com.br





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