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Force Motors is reportedly investing 100 crores to set up an engine manufacturing and testing facility in Chengelpet, Tamil Nadu. This information was released to the Bombay Stock Exchange after a meeting of its board of directors approving the move according to Autocar.

The new plant in Kancheepuram district is not far from BMW’s plant where it assembles its cars and will manufacture engine for a global passenger car manufacturer. There has been no official confirmation as to which company will be the Pune based Force Motor’s new customer, but the word on the street is that it is none other than the Bavarian giants BMW. The Germans though have been silent on this development.

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The new facility will primarily manufacture diesel engines but can also fabricate petrol mills if required. The company officials went on to say that the new facility can cater to more than one OEM in the future.

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Force Motors has already been assembling and testing Mercedes Benz engines and axles for C, E, S and M Class of vehicles since the late 1970s when it used to make its popular OM616 diesel engines. Back then the company was christened as ‘Bajaj Tempo’. The symbiotic collaboration has benefited both the companies.

The new Force plant can be expected to start deliveries by the first half of 2015 but there has been no word about the capacity of the plant. This is a real interesting development and we are glued to its updates…




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