Ford’s critically acclaimed 1.0L EcoBoost engine has won the International Engine of the year award for the third straight time, under the best engine under 1.0L category.

The tiny engine powers 10 Ford cars and is available in India only in the EcoSport. The biggest reason for this might be that the engine is not manufactured in India and is imported, thus pushing up its costs. Currently the engine is produced only in Germany, Romania and China and is sold in 72 countries.


The main feature of the EcoBoost engine is that it lowers fuel consumption without compromising on power. The turbocharged petrol mill produces 125PS of power and 170Nm of torque. Well, the turbocharger is also not any ordinary product, spinning at 4000 times per second, that’s nearly twice the speed of the turbos in present day Formula One cars. The upgraded version of the engine in the recently launched Fiesta Red and Black Edition produces an amazing 140PS of power.

EcoSport is the only car in India which gets the EcoBoost

EcoBoost was selected by a jury of 82 automotive journalists from 35 countries and was awarded the title at the Engine Expo 2014, Stuttgart. This would be the EcoBoost’s 10th major award, which includes seven International Engine of the Year awards in three years, including the Best New Engine in 2012, the International Paul Pietsch Award 2013 for technological innovation in Germany; the Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club in Great Britain; and in the US, the Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics magazine. Ford also is the first automaker to win Ward’s 10 Best Engines trophy for a three-cylinder engine.

The engine is also available in the lower tune of 100PS of maximum power. But this brings us back to the same question, Ford why you no give the EcoBoost in the new Fiesta?

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