After the recent price hike, there has been another rather stealthy development which could hit the Ford EcoSport harder. Ford India has struck off a couple of items from the feature list of the Titanium Variant of the Ford EcoSport.

The two important features that will not be found in the Titanium trim of the car are Keyless Entry as well as the Push Button Start. The two features continue to be offered in the Titanium Option pack. Ford has claimed that the above move is aimed at more differentiation between the Titanium Variant and the one with the Titanium Option pack. Before the price hike, the difference between the two variants was nearly 40-45k for the diesel variant on the on road prices.

Ford-EcoSport (4)

We have always felt that there was not a proper differentiation between the Titanium & Titanium Option trims of EcoSport specially for the diesel variant but this should have been a thought before Ford launched the car. The move comes as a body blow to those customers who have booked the Titanium Variant before the price hike. They now not only have to cough up a larger amount of money, but also stay content with a lesser feature list.

The two above mentioned features have been deleted from all three types of the Titanium trim level with three different engines. It is speculated that Ford India has carried out such a re-alignment to overcome the supply shortage that has hit a few variants of the EcoSport.

The proceedings risk becoming an albatross around the neck of Ford India. The customers could turn away to the Renault Duster as it has minimal waiting periods now or the upcoming Terrano. Other car manufacturers are also offering massive discounts. Ford India should have never really dabbled around with these moves. Or is it another ‘Make Hay While The Sun Shines‘ story similar to what we have really seen before!

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Source : Team-BHP




  1. Ford India seems to be bent upon making the award winning EcoSport a Marketing disaster – first they increase the price even for those who had booked the Ecosport at the time of launch, and then they add insult to injury by deleting the most salient features from the Titanium models!!
    This is just not done, Ford. Maybe if all those across the country who have booked the Titanium models, send cancellation notices and also approach the Consumer Court,only then will Ford India wake up……

  2. I am not sure if we can sue Ford India. Very bad moves and unfriendly customer moves. Really worried about the future of Ford India when Maruti and Honda launches their Mini SUVs next year.

    Indefinte delay in delivery, No corodintion between dealer and Ford India, no price protection, features get removed as per thier wishes

    Simply taking advantage of customer belief and sentiments, weak Indian law and high demand of well made, good looking EcoSport when there is absolute no competition in India presently


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