Ford EcoSport Might be Launched Earlier in November this Year

We had shared the initial teasers of Ford EcoSport and wondered if Ford is trying to advance EcoSport’s launch in India. Its test mules have also been caught on test completely undisguised, both in Petrol and diesel. And it has been officially unveiled in Brazil which would become the first country to get the new EcoSport in the world.



In a latest, we have learnt thatĀ Ford is targeting a launch date somewhere in November-December time frame. That means an early entry by almost a couple of months from the earlier target of early 2013. It might also be possible that Ford might separate petrol and diesel launches and sip in the already acclaimed 1.0 EcoBoost engined EcoSport first.

Now this might have been triggered by the roaring success Renault’s Duster has garnered or a possible threat from important upcoming launches like the Premier Rio 1.3LMultiJet and Mahindra’s Mini-Xylo which would come to us within a couple of months.

We have also received signals of a slightly higher-than-expected price range of 7.5-8 Lakh entry going all the way to something around 12 Lakh for the top-of-the-line model. There are obviously a lot of discussions that must have been going on across tables and we would keep you updated with whatever concrete information we get to hear. Till then we would try to dig deeper and get more clarification on the dope we have just published.

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