Ford EcoSport vs WagonR in Pics: a Quick Dimension Comparison!

Now, this might be one weird comparison we know! However, a few of our readers who have not seen the EcoSport in person wanted to understand the dimensions of the car. 

What we have observed is that, with all reviewers (including us) calling the EcoSport as a big hatch or a hatch on steroids, people have started to become inquisitive about its size and dimensions. Now, we would have liked to see a higher B-segment hatch but a Wagon-R is all we could catch for a quick couple of pictures during our drive in Goa.

Ford-EcoSport-Dimensions-WagonR (2)

For the records, this is the second-gen Type2 WagonR in the pics dimensions of which are listed below:

  • Length: 3520mm
  • Width: 1475mm
  • Height: 1660mm
  • Ground Clearance: 165mm
  • Wheelbase: 2360mm

In comparison, EcoSport dimensions are

  • Length: 3999mm
  • Width: 1765mm
  • Height: 1708mm
  • Ground Clearance: 200mm
  • Wheelbase: 2520mm

Ford-EcoSport-Dimensions-WagonR (1)

So, EcoSport is significantly longer (~19 inches ie greater than 1.5 feet), wider (~12 inches) and very marginally taller (48mm). Very interestingly though, in these pictures, WagonR appears to be slightly taller. That might be because of one dimension taking roofrails in consideration and the other probably not! In fact the only area where WagonR scores over EcoSport is the headroom for both front and rear passengers.

Nonetheless, this was just a quick one to let you all know how big or small EcoSport looks in comparison to a generic small hatchback you would have seen. If we were to tell you, EcoSport appears to be a big butch form of premium hatchbacks we have in India. However, the driving seats are significantly higher without compromising on the road behaviors.

In fact, we would not hesitate in calling it a better handler than a few hatches we have driven in terms owing to its fabulous handling. The driver sits perched higher and has a clearer view of the road. EcoSport can easily be all your premium hatch or a compact sedan, offer almost all what these cars would with an added advantage of a much higher ground clearance and more desirability!

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