We are barely into the third week since EcoSport made its way into India and deliveries have started to flow out, Ford has issued a recall of their compact SUV.

According to a report on Economic Times, Ford is recalling 972 sold EcoSports which is due to the positioning of a Glow Plug Module. Glow Plug Module is fitted to a diesel engine to keep the engine’s combustion chamber warm so that the fuel can burn efficiently.


Till now, the Glow Plug Module was placed near the front bumper of EcoSport and Ford will move it to a more protected area to avoid any water contact. No mishaps or accidents have been reported till now and its a voluntary exercise done in precaution.


Existing EcoSport diesel customers are being called and requested to take their vehicles to the nearest Ford service station which will carry out the required job. If you own a diesel EcoSport and if you have not been contacted, please call your nearest dealership to fix up an appointment.

It is obvious that the future diesel EcoSports will come with the rectification done. This is a minor exercise and we do not expect any further delay in production or deliveries of EcoSport. Like other international manufacturers, Ford has been proactive in carrying out such a recall exercise which could cost them a little in terms of its image in India. Couple this with the toppling incidents of EcoSport and a few people might move away from the car.

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