Ford to Announce ‘Something’ Important on 15th March

Now, we would say this is heights of teasing! After confusing very eagerly waiting readers and potential customers, the 4th March event turned out to be Figo’s Celebration Edition Launch.

We have just now received a mailer where Ford has asked us to block our calenders for Friday 15th March for an ‘Important Announcement‘.¬†Frankly¬†speaking, we do not have any head or tail clue of what Ford is upto. We would not want to jump the gun either.


One thing we understand, that this might just NOT be the launch of EcoSport. EcoSport, we believe, might be launched after the current Urban Discoveries campaign gets over. Moreover, as they have said, its an announcement. So, will Ford talk about something related to their future plans? Is it going to be anyway related to EcoSport? Let us wait for the day to know about the reality.

Needless to say, Team MotorBash will be there to cover whatever the announcement or event it is and will bring to you all the updates as they happen!

Keep tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Ford to Announce ‘Something’ Important on 15th March”

  1. 15 mar sees the of display of ES in a mumbai mall. May be ford is gonna announce this ss this would be the first public display of ES. Nothing else. From what i understand from dealers pircing will be available only in april.


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