Ford EcoSport Football

If you have been noticing the Indian car market over the years you would have a clear idea how aggressive a few companies have become. Ford would be one of them! Ford has invested heavily in India to expand its operations and presence in the country.

Ford EcoSport Football

And if you have been watching regular news on TV, you would have an idea on the current slowdown that has bitten India. Ford, after investing $2 billion in India is left a little worried about the possible outcomes of this. However, the company is confident about the long term prepositions of this investment. Ford CEO Alan Mulally said, ” We would not be doing that ($2 billion investment) if we didn’t believe that we could create value

Ford is readying itself to launch possibly its most important launch after Figo, the EcoSport in India on which it had invested a lot and much would depend upon the response it garners from India. Ford plans to  make India as its 3rd largest market in the world in a matter of 8 years and also plans to launch 8 new models in a few years.


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