Endeavour Snatches Fortuner Sales; We Have the Proof!

Fortuner vs Endeavour- Only 97 units separated these two brawny SUVs in March! Fortuner is down to its lowest ever sales…

The 20-30 Lakh SUV territory has been the ruling ground of the Toyota Fortuner for a long time now. The Japanese SUV is the only product in the segment to sell more than a 1,000 units a month consistently and it easily accounted for nearly 50 percent of total sales. However, the tides have turned in the last few months. In fact, sales have dropped to as low as 481 units in March 2016 – the lowest ever!

Is this because of the new extremely capable Ford Endeavour? A careful observation of the sales trend for the last few months gives it away! The new-Gen Endeavour was launched in January 2016 and if you see the following sales table we have compiled for you, you can notice that Fortuner started dropping exactly during the same time. For the first time since August, they fell under the 1000 unit mark in December 2015.

Fortuner vs Endeavour

Both the Fortuner and Endeavour are assembled near the Southern metropolis where the flood-tragedy struck. Sales in January for the Fortuner picked up a bit, bringing it to 825 units; new Endy also followed with 480 units.

February was a good month with sales at 914 units but things were still bad on a year on year basis. Endeavour continued the assault with 410 and 384 units in February and March respectively. If we take a look at cumulative sales, in the fiscal 2014-15 Toyota sold 17,668 units of the Fortuner while totalling just 13,461 units in the financial year. That’s a drop of 24 percent. And for the month of March the difference between the two SUVs was not even 100 units!

Fortuner vs Endeavour: Sales Comparison

Fortuner vs Endeavour Sales

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This is for the first time, any competitor has come so close! Clear signals that finally, we have a very worthy rival against the Fortuner which is ageing for sure! But Toyota does have the New-Gen Fortuner ready….

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