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Fresh Details on Next-Gen Scorpio W105 Revealed, Launch in 12-18 Months!

Arguably the bulwark of Mahindra & Mahindra’s lineup, the Mighty, Muscular Mahindra Scorpio has been a familiar sight on our roads for over a decade now. As it ventures into its eleventh year of existence, Mahindra’s engineers as well as designers are literally going head over heels for the reincarnation of their spearhead.

No doubt on the fact that the M & M Scorpio has been nothing short of a revelation. Introduced at the time which can be termed safely as the crossroads for Mahindra it has weathered stiff competition as well as turbulent economic conditions to keep enjoying a free run in the entry-level SUV segment. It has also made its way to the Harvard Business School as a case study of utter success and biting business acumen.

mahindra scorpio

However, the road ahead seems circuitous for Scorpio. As months pass by, it is staring at increased competition from rivals like Maruti-Suzuki, Ford, Toyota and General Motors. Hence, a newer Scorpio is very much needed and on the cards!

Buzz on the cyberspace has been going on since long that it has been codenamed as the W105. Hot news on the wire is that Rohin Nagrani, a Senior Editor at BS Motoring has tweeted about the Next-gen Scorpio.

Here’s what Rohin Nagrani reveals about the Next-gen Scorpio :

  • Mahindra Scorpio could be unveiled within the next year-and-a-half. 
  • It will boast of a wider footprint, both at the front and rear
  • It will build on its bastion of roominess and comfort by featuring better interiors, a new instrument console with more features 
  • It could be powered by a new, more powerful mHawk engine
  • It will squat on a modified platform of the current Scorpio
  • Though nothing is concrete, it is utterly probable that the defining ruggedness of Scorpio will be improved upon, with subtle changes to the design theme
  • As is the trend, you could expect an edgier styling cue with more drastic angles, sharpened headlamps and a falling roofline

Company officials do admit that the Mahindra Scorpio was a windfall. However, they also remark that they aren’t going to sit around twiddling their thumbs while expecting the brand to work its magic. The Next-gen Scorpio will definitely feature more than just a connection to the old Scorpio in its ad campaigns. It is essential to draw upon the brand’s charm to attain success.

Nevertheless, the Next-gen Scorpio will be ushered in by the next year. We expect it to offer more value to customers by being priced aggressively. Keep tuned to us as we try to unearth more details about the Next-gen Scorpio.

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