So, you want to go to Ladakh in your car, but you don’t know the way? You have what? Oh! A smartphone. Well sorry to break this, but your jewel of a smartphone might be a very useful tool in cities for navigating, but it won’t be of much use in the mountains of Ladakh where cellular connectivity is feeble and intermittent. This is why you need a Personal Navigation Device (PND). Garmin, the world’s leading satellite navigation device manufacturer has launched first three models of their 2014 line-up.

These products are made of highly durable materials and Garmin promises they will guide you even in the remotest parts of the country. No bars required, just the open skies. These products will be available in the market from June 27th. The devices boast of highly user friendly interface and free lifetime updates for maps.

Garmin’s new Personal Navigation Devices:

1. nuvi 55 LM: Rs 10,990

This is the cheapest of the new product portfolio, featuring a 5 inch touchscreen, dual orientation display (works both horizontally and vertically). The device has a feature called the Lane Assist with junction view which displays upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to point out the right lane.


Another feature like Up Head, also is one interesting addition. It allows the user to search for places like restaurants, petrol pumps, ATMs and shops, with their exact distance and that too without leaving the map screen. This device has been priced at Rs 10,990.

2. nuvi 65 LM: Rs 14,990

This is one of the few 6 inches PNDs available in the market. It boasts of a special Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which helps in monitoring the air pressure and real time tire pressure. This data is checked every 3.7s and sent every 15s (while on the move) and 60s (while stationary).


The Advanced Highway Mode tells the user of an approaching exit on the highway, New House Search Algorithm for easier search, Text-to-speech which speaks street names in Indian English, Voice Guidance available both in Hindi and English, and Go to Office/Go Home with a simple click. What else can one seek from a satellite navigation device? This device has been priced at Rs 14,990.

3. nuvi 2567 LM: Rs 17,990

This device is Bluetooth compatible and can connect your smartphone to the PND. This would allow Hands Free Calls which shows you who is calling without blocking the complete map view. The Smartphone Link connects your smartphone to access weather information and real time traffic information to take the most efficient and less time consuming route.



Obviously most of the other features of the lesser models we have talked about above are also present. This flagship nuvi 2567 LM has been priced at Rs 17,990.

Apart from all of these features, all of them have travel guides to over 3,000 historical monuments. Garmin also has a tie-up with Zomato to share information about restaurants and other eateries.





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