News of Peugeot extending its European partnership with General Motors in India have been in the air for a while now. This was even given as a reason for Peugeot’s slow-go for its Gujarat plant. And Peugeot Asian head was caught saying that they would be reconsidering their plan since they have their global partner GM here in India.


Meanwhile, there were speculations arriving out that Peugeot would share General Motors plants in India to produce its cars but it seems this would not work out. Lowell Paddock, President and MD of GM India, clearly said that their partnership is limited to European markets only and there are no talks going between these two companies.

This might be a blow to Peugeot who was trying to utilize GMs setup to mark their entry in India. It would be interesting to see how would Peugeot go about introducing itself here in India.


Source: Economic Times




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