Good old Skoda is turning hip, in its own cultivated and three-piece formal way. The 2014 Geneva Motor Show, scheduled from 4 to 16 March 2014 will showcase the Skoda going dynamic and evocative.

Not that it needed any drastic change dictated by dismal sales volumes; nay, the judicious Czech has been doing rather well. Last year saw it selling 920,800 vehicles to customers throughout the world. It was the second-best sales year in the company’s history.


The city of Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic will be witnessing this restrained Bohemian accenting its new-found ebullience through a remarkably interesting study – the “Skoda Vision C”. The dynamically elegant five-door concept is composed to communicate the new design language adopted by Skoda. Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing, puts it concisely “our vehicles are becoming more expressive, dynamic, and emotionally-charged”.

The “Vision C” is indeed an expressive design with pure lines and perfect proportions. At the same time, this Skoda design study is sophisticated in terms of functionality and environmental friendliness. It is generously spacious with an innovative natural gas drive system and excellent aerodynamic efficiency.

Skoda-VisionC-Concept-pic-rear (4)

Will it come to fruition?

It is expected that the VisionC could be a Mercedes CLA rival and the production version could come sometime in 2016-17. The design language will be incorporated in upcoming Skodas.


The Geneva Motor Show will also witness Skoda revealing the new Octavia Scout and the new Octavia G-TEC with natural gas propulsion. Skoda will also launch three new Monte Carlo special models with sport trim for the Yeti, the Rapid Spaceback and the small car Citigo. The launch of “Vision C” design study for a five-door coupé, a first for the company, is Skoda’s way of saying that it is not afraid of new vehicle concepts.

We never said you were, Skoda. Shall we bring it on then?

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