We like the way Shell is getting aggressive in the lubricant market in India. They launched the Shell Helix Ultra engine oil for cars which gets PurePlus technology last year. Apart from that they carried out a huge promotional campaign for the introduction of Shell Advance Ultra motorcycle oil very recently.

In another very interesting bid, the company has launched the country’s first lifetime engine warranty for its customers! With the use of Shell Helix Ultra Engine oil you get first of its kind engine warranty plan for 15 years/1,00,000 km which is the average lifespan of a car in India.

Shell Helix

This very interesting offer will be applicable for customers who have Indian registered passenger cars and use Shell Helix Ultra (which is a fully synthetic engine oil) with PurePlus tech, to cover damages to the engine which are related to lubricant induced engine failures. Apart from this, car owners who use Shell Helix HX7 (Shell’s semi-synthetic engine oil) can avail a limited period warranty of 5 years free of cost, across the country. For participating in this offer, you need to register on Shell Lubricant’s official website (direct link below).

Shell makes its motor oils by a Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) process that converts natural gas into a crystal clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. The company claims that their synthetic oil offers superior wear and corrosion protection, better low volatility properties, reduction in oil consumption, superior resistance to oil degradation and improvement in fuel economy by 3 per cent.

The Lifetime Engine Warranty will cover 13 engine parts and will start after 30 days or 1000 km (whichever is later) post enrollment at the Warranty Site. The enrollment has to take place within 60 days from the purchase date (as documented by transaction receipt) of Shell Helix Ultra/Shell Helix HX7 engine oil and engine oil change.

Read here for detailed Terms & Conditions.




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