So Tata wants to really make Nano do well. Amidst a lot of activities and variants planned around the cute little car, the new innovation is “Nano:Art in Motion

Tata launched this initiative for all Tata fans which would feature the Tata Nano as its canvas and the first car would be painted by Sangeeta Babani from Mumbai. The first transformation would start from September 14 at Palladium Courtyard in Mumbai.


The innovatively painted would roam around the city at the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival and would visit pandals, orphanage homes, children schools and other popular destinations in the city.

You can participate too

All Tata Nano fans can participate in this celebration by registering in the contest “Catch the Art Nano” where keen observers of the Art Nano can upload their photos of the car, taken during its tour of the city, to a special Facebook application on the Nano’s FB fan page. The fan with the best shot of the Art Nano will be selected for a special visit by the car!

You can follow the event at the link which would go live from September 14th.

Tata is trying various innovative ways to ensure that the brand ‘Nano’ reaches the masses. Various events like these do ensure penetration and will surely help Tata. We have also spotted a mysterious cute dual-tone Nano test mule in Pune and wonder what is Tata planning with it.

However, the future of Nano would depend a lot on the upcoming diesel version. We have exclusively spied the car a few months back and expect it to make inroads around the first half of next year.


Tata Nano:Art in Motion Picture Gallery






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