Get Ready for Maruti’s Assault – XA Alpha Coming!

Maruti has some models in its lineup which are on a rampage ever since they were born. Take for instance Swift and Dzire siblings which have been insane sellers since day 1. 

Include Alto to this lineup and what you see, month on month, year on year, as the most formidable company to compete with. None of the manufacturers present in India have been able to come anywhere close to Maruti but things are changing! Maruti’s current cars are under pressure from the heated competition.


The very signs of the same can be witnessed with the latest discounts and off the shelf delivery of their Swift hatch which has been a runaway success for the company. The good thing, however, is that Maruti knows the fact and is quickly venturing into the fastest growing segment in India, Compact SUVs with XA Alpha.

XA-Alpha was showcased by the company at 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi which drew massive crowds to its podium. The compact SUV, in its concept form, looked gorgeous and the good news is the fact that it will be a sub 4 meter car. That means a direct rival to the upcoming rage – EcoSport.

With a wheelbase of 2500mm, it appears that Maruti will be able to give the car fair bit of space inside. Time and again Maruti has talked about this car and, now, the outgoing MD & CEO Shinzo Nakanishi also mentions that they are working on this compact SUV. Though there are no timelines that are revealed, Maruti should be real quick to latch onto this segment because we know after EcoSport, there are many manufacturers which are eyeing this segment.


In a speculative news bit, Maruti is also working on 3 different versions of SUVs/UVs based on the existing cars to give them an invincible position in this space as well. This is still speculation but what we know for sure is that XA-Alpha is coming to us and the company might launch it towards the early part of next year.

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Source: Economic Times

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