Get Your Car At Pre-Budget Prices

You had planned to buy a car and were possibly waiting for some positive surprises from the budget?

You had already booked a car but waiting for its delivery?

You have stuck a few pre-budget models at the showroom?


In all the above cases it is very much possible to save anywhere from 5000 to more than 50,000 depending upon which car you are buying.

What you should know is that excise is applicable at the time when the car is leaving the factory.

Hence, if the car you are eyeing is a pre-budget dispatch, it should still be available at the older rates. Chances of a dealer having many pre-budget pieces are high since the budget this time was bang in the middle of the month and not at the end.


This has also been made clear by companies. “The bookings currently held by the dealers will be offered in the older price provided the dealers have the relevant stock,” says Arvind Saxena, director marketing and sales, Hyundai Motor India.

Starting from March 16 (Budget day) as we dispatch vehicles it will be with a new price tag but what the dealers do with the existing stock is up to them. Technically, the existing stock should be sold at the older price but it’s the dealer’s prerogative” said Pawan Goenka, president (auto and tractor division), M&M.

Hence, if your car left the factory gate of the respective company before 16th March, you should get the car at the prices which were promised before budget. Even if this is not the case, BARGAIN!

There are good chances that companies would push dealers to sell their cars at pre-budget prices to maintain sales. Rise in excise duty and the subsequent increase in all cars in the market is touted to be keep the auto market slow and lack lustrous. And this is where as a consumer you can gain the maximum advantage and a good deal


You can check the above image to know how what is the excise duty raise and how much is expected to increase on cars in different segments.




Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash

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