TATA Manza

TATA Motors is changing the Anti-Roll Bar Bush of Manza’s free of cost and replacing it with a sturdier material. An Anti-Roll bar bush is a plastic component between two moving metal parts which prevents friction and provide stability to a car while in motion.


TATA Manza

TATA Motors is not calling this as a recall exercise, rather a preventive measure and the component would be changed as and when any Manza customer comes to the service center. This is applicable to all the Manza’s sold till now. Also, the company says that they have not heard any issues reported till now.

So, if you own a Manza, do not forget to get this component changed in your car next time you visit the service center.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


Source: Economic Times





  1. The service advisers in the tata service station doesn’t know that there is some free replacement exercise, even when i explained, they were saying they don’t have that component available and also they keep on saying that the original material was good than this new material and bla bla bla


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