General Motors is planning to go big in India now. Looking at the fast growing economy and the increasing buying power of the common man, the company has decided to up the ante here and plans to launch new sub compact cars with which they aim to have a 5 per cent market share equal to a very optimistic target of 4 lakh cars a year by 2025. The US based auto major has been in the red for all this while and has started seeing India as a possible export hub in the near future.

General Motors had earlier eyed South Korea with similar goals but due to rising labour costs, the company now sees India as a much more lucrative market.

Chevrolet-Adra-compact-SUV-Pic (1)
As per a report on Economic Times, the company also needs to expand its production capabilities. At present their assembly lines in Halol and Talegaon can churn out 2.82 lakh units annually. The company has recently started exporting products from India and plan to increase the rate to 30 per cent of the total produce in the near future.

Chevrolet-Adra-compact-SUV-Pic (3)
The Make in India initiative by the government has encouraged everyone to start taking India seriously as a manufacturing hub. In fact, as per General Motors’ Chief of International Operations, Stefan Jacoby, “India may be the last big white sheet of paper in the automotive industry”.

The company is reportedly also working on a new Amber platform which will help them develop newer models. Earlier in February 2014, they showcased an interesting compact SUV concept called as Adra (featured on this page) but they are not talking about it anymore!

Chevrolet-Adra-compact-SUV-Pic (2)They have officially announced that they will launch the Trailblazer in India this year and Spin MPV next year. Let us wait and see how much of this materializes and if Chevy will be able to come up from the ashes!




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