Confusion! Grand i10 Diesel Automatic Mentioned in Grand i10’s Owner’s Manual!

Most often we gloss over the owner’s manual that comes with our vehicle, or at best we read the part we think is of importance. Usually, we keep the manual untouched and unmolested until the vehicle breaks down.

Apparently though, one of the readers of, Mr. Mridul Sharma, has been diligently perusing the document and what he chanced upon in it could be termed as an interesting revelation regarding the eluding and confusing media reports of Grand i10 diesel automatic.


The owner’s manual that Mr. Sharma received with his new acquisition, a Hyundai Grand i10, has a page in the document where it describe the process to start the engine of an i10 Automatic Diesel! Check out the image where the method to “Starting a diesel engine” specifically mentions how to start the Automatic and Manual transmission car.

This doesn’t appear to be a mistake considering how carefully the talked about print appears on the page. This welcome revelation is a possible giveaway that Hyundai does have plans for Hyundai Grand i10 diesel automatic.

Obviously, the said literature was meant to serve both the owners of the petrol and diesel i10 and was undoubtedly planned to save the trouble and cost of printing two separate manuals, but as it happened the new literature was printed and it came out with the vehicle which is already in the market. The diesel AT version, as we all know, is still hush-hush and under wraps. But, now we understand about the possibility of its coming to our shores (again!).


There are numerous claims on the launch date, launch period of Grand i10 diesel Automatic but let us be very clear, we are still confused. Considering that the Grand i10 petrol automatic has just been launched, if Diesel AT does exist, it may not make way so soon considering that it may take away a lot of sales from the Grand i10 petrol automatic.

But, if these pointers suggest the presence of the oil burner in automatic guise, we will be pleasantly surprised and it will be the segment’s first offering in India. If Hyundai replicates the petrol automatic story and launches the Grand i10 diesel automatic in the same Asta and Sportz trims, expect a starting on road price tag of somewhere around Rs 8 Lakhs!

How artistically will Hyundai mate the automatic tyranny with the small diesel mill will be a point we are really very interested to see. Let us wait and see how the new oil burning i10 AT turns up (if et all!).

But what we are absolutely sure of is the coming of Grand i10 based compact sedan which will come with a bigger 1.4L diesel engine along with the same 1.2L petrol motor. You can read more details about it here.

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-by Sufi

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