Ford had a few cars before the Older-Gen Fiesta (which is now called Classic) but the real trendsetter for the company was this car, which even till now is regarded as one of the best small driver’s car. 

It has set a benchmark when it comes to handling and its sheer fun-to-drive factor. The trend was followed (or probably bettered) by the current generation Fiesta. However, it was a big blunder from Ford when they priced the car exorbitantly here in India. The end result is that, despite the price correction, Fiesta is still a market dud and has never recovered!

Now Ford is readying the next-gen Ford Fiesta and we got a glimpse of the car at  the Los Angeles Auto Show.


The 2014 Fiesta has got a brand new front fascia which resembles the magnificent Aston Martins a lot! In India, with sensible pricing, the 2014 Fiesta has potential to do wonders. It’s not only about the high-mounted front grille which makes the car aggressive but what rests under the bonnet, is even exciting. The Indian Fiesta of 2014 model year might shed it’s 1.5 liter Petrol Engine and sport the 1.0-Liter EcoBoost engine, which will power up the upcoming EcoBoost.

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Loaded with features like 6.5 Inch MyFord Touchscreen interface and those killer looks, the 2014 Ford Fiesta really can challenge its tough competitors like the then upcoming Honda City which will come with a diesel engine. Well, we just got a glimpse of the 2014 Honda City, but with the arrival of this car, the segment is set to be at war! Here is a quick video of the new 2014 Ford Fiesta


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