Well imagine a smaller sibling of Duster making its way to India. Renault and Dacia sell a Sandero Stepway which looks to have borrowed a few cues from Renault Duster. 


Available in a few markets like Brazil, Argentina among others, this is 4 meter in length which makes it a perfect recipe for India. Though not as butch looking as Duster, it does look pretty good. This is basically a lower priced high-riding and adventurous alternate to Duster.

I remember there was a bit of an issue when Renault (or Mahindra) wanted to use the name Sandero here in India, but Hyundai had problems and they cited that it resembled ‘Santro’ a lot.

CarScoop has published a few spy pics of a new version slated to come in 2013.


Imagine a sub 4 meter high riding stepway sitting below Duster here in India at prices betwee 5-8 lakhs. Renault India…Game?



Spy Pics: CarScoop





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