Innovative: Tata Launches Nano Merchandise Online Store on Ebay

Tata is doing all what it can to drive the Nano brand across the nation. And rightly so! Nano is one real good product marred by a possible few glitches by Tata’s marketing earlier and then by some unfortunate incidents.

There are a lot of different and interesting variants of Tata Nano which have been caught. One was a cute dual tone Red-black colored mule we caught a few months back.

Here is a 2GB Nano Pendrive I have

Now, you can purchase Nano branded merchandise through its exclusive online store on ebay.

Merchandise include:

  • Nano Branded Titan watches (Rs 1500 Women, Rs 2655 Men)
  • Round-neck T-Shirts (Starting from Rs 240)
  • Dry-fit T-shirts for men and women (Rs 467)
  • Nano shaped pen drives (Rs 681 & Rs 845)
  • Mouse (Rs 1508)
  • Scale models (Starting Rs 180)
  • Caps (Rs 78)
  • Key-chains (Rs 39)

There would be stuff added to give more variety to shoppers. Tata also says that there would be various online games and activities played to promote the store where Nano fans would also get some merchandise for free.

The picture you see above is a 2GB Nano pendrive I have with me.

And here is the address..

Login and shop!




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