Tata_Safari_after Storme

With the launch of Safari Storme barely a few days later, the existing Safari would loose its charm. The macho SUV that was a cult in its heydays and was one of the most aspirational BIG SUVs of its times.

However, the good news for Safari fans is that the current Safari would not be axed and stay below the Storme. Now, how would Tata fine-tune its line-up remains to be seen. What we saw yesterday was something interesting. This company owned red-plated Tata Safari was spotted on the outskirts of Pune.

Tata_Safari_after Storme

While there is no specific give-away through which anyone of us can claim about anything. But this particular mule seems to be a potpourri of many Tata Safari variants. It sports alloys at the rear (including the spare wheel) and RVM integrated side blinkers. However there is no chrome anywhere at the front fascia. The front and rear bumpers are also not body colored including the side cladding and RVM (rear view mirrors). The fog-lamps are also not be found anywhere.

At the back, TATA logo sat at its regular place but there was no variant name and that place was blank. It also did not have spare-wheel cover. The 2.2VTT DICOR emblem shone away to glory clearing that it sports the same engine. If you can make out any other differences, please mention them in the comments section below.

At one end, presence of alloys give it a higher trim look, whereas the absence of body-colored bumpers and other tidbits hint at a lower trim. So, is Tata planning a single variant to sit under the upcoming Safari Storme? And does this mean Safari Storme is coming at a cheaper price?

Let us all wait for a while before things go clear! But we have some fodder for us to storme our brains upon!


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