Toyota Corolla is one of the largest selling cars in the world is a known fact. However, its looks have never got us going and they were always very neutral considering all the iterations it has seen so far.

New-Toyota-Corolla (2)

But, for the first time ever, Toyota seems to have taken the plunge and lent the upcoming All-New Corolla some lip-biting looks. Pictured here are the 3D models of the same car by The new Corolla looks smashing and according to us, the first Corolla which will sell for its looks also!

As is visible, the new Corolla is based on the Corolla Furia Concept that Toyota displayed at Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Though a lot muted, it still carries a lot of freshness in its flowing lines. The Japanese major will unveil the new Corolla on June 6 in USA. Toyota will start launching the Corolla in various markets towards the end of this year.

New-Toyota-Corolla (1)

India is expected to get this new Corolla towards the first half of next year. Now, will Toyota really get aggressive and get us a fresh set of more powerful engines? This question remains to be seen but we wish, they will. Else, all the kinkiness goes for a toss when you will ride a mere 90 horses D-segment car!


Pics Source: Humster3D





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