Hexa Warranty More than XUV500; Leaked Service Manual Reveals New Details

Hexa vs XUV500 – We talk about Warranty, Service Intervals, Top Speed & Weight

After opening bookings last month, Tata will launch the new Hexa next month. The crossover with SUV-ish looks has already started reaching dealerships and will be Tata’s best bet in this over-10 Lakh price segment, after the very potent Safari Storme failed to create the desired buzz! Apart from the 10 pointers we talked about earlier, new details of Hexa have surfaced with the leak of its owner’s manual at Team-bhp….

Hexa vs XUV500 Warranty:

Tata will be offering a warranty of 1.50 Lakh kms or 3 years as standard on Hexa’s engine whereas for the rest of the car, it will be applicable for 1 lakh kms and the same time period. In comparison, Safari Storme, which comes with the same engine gets 1 lakh km warranty on both the engine and the rest of the car. Same is the case with its chief rival XUV500.

Hexa Service Intervals:

Mahindra very intelligently removed the time-bound service intervals for XUV500. It is now only mileage bound. So you have to get your XUV500 serviced every 10,000 kms. For the Aria Tata spaced service intervals at 15,000 kms! But Hexa doesn’t get this additional 5000 km benefit – which means it has a 10,000 km service interval. First variants of Safari Storme carried impressive 15,000 kms intervals (after first three services) but from the New Storme onwards this has also been reduced to 10,000 kms.


Hexa Top Speed:

Claimed top speed of Hexa Varicor 320 is 170 km/h and the Varicor 400 can do 10 km/h more.

Hexa Weight:

The biggest issue with Hexa is its massive weight. It was an unconfirmed figure so far but the owner’s manual does put a stamp on that. Hexa, depending upon the variant, weighs between 2094 kg to 2280 kg. In comparison XUV500 tips the scale at 1860 kg for AWD (1785 kg for FWD variant) which means that Hexa is a whopping ~420 kg heavier! All the mentioned figures are kerb weight of these SUVs/crossovers.

Hexa Extended Warranty:

Tata is also offering an extended warranty of 12 months or 1.5 Lakhs kms (whichever occurs first) for the Hexa. They also say that the extended warranty can be availed only till 421 kms from sale date.

Hexa vs XUV500 vs Safari Storme vs Aria: Table

hexa vs xuv500 storme aria top speed

Tata is better prepared this time and we hope they price the Hexa aggressively like they did with the Tiago (results are for everybody to be seen).

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