Honda Aggressively Promoting its Diesel Engine; Amaze TVC Inside

Honda has decided that it has to go all guns blazing to make a significant difference in its share in India. The very step of considering diesel for India (which they once felt was a bad fuel) clears that they mean business, real business.

After a thorough media drive in Goa, they conducted a dedicated press meet to announce details about its Tapukara plant as well as its new 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine day before yesterday. You can also see ads on all Indian auto portals filled with Honda’s new i-DTEC diesel engine.


And today Honda has carried out a striking front page advertisement on Times of India print edition with a clear message, “We Didn’t Just Make Another Diesel Engine, We Created a Diesel Revolution“. And truly so considering the very impressive specifications of Amaze, the car that will get this engine first in India.

Amaze produces a power output of 100PS and torque output of 200Nm. Despite these high specs, Amaze is India’s most fuel efficient car. It returns an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 25.8kmpl which is higher than Chevrolet Beat’s 25.4kmpl. Today’s advertisement also displays Amaze i-DTEC VX variant which will go on sale right from the word go.

Honda will launch Amaze on 11 April in India and this engine will be used in a total of 5 upcoming Honda cars in three years from now. Honda has also started airing their Amaze TVC which you can watch below. The Japanese auto major is pretty confident with its new step and we are sure competition must be fretting!

Honda Amaze TVC

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