Honda Brio Diesel Spied Again in Delhi

As we talk about Brio sedan, Honda continues testing the hatchback with a diesel mill on Indian streets. Team-BHP member sourabhzen has posted a photograph of 2 Honda Brio Hatchback mules from Delhi-Gurgaon Highway.


sourabhzen says that there were a fleet of 4 Brio cars, all were being driven at 120 kmph on the Delhi Gurgaon highway. 3 of the 4 cars had no badge on them! Only one car had the i-VTEC badge at the rear. All the cars had some device attached with the internal Rear View Mirror.

All the 3 unbadged cars were having fuel spillage mark near the tank lid (usually petrol spillage mark doesn’t last long). From the picture we also see that the rear bumper of the right hand side car is a bit different than the left hand side car. This could be to accommodate the altered exhaust of the diesel mill.

There is a little confusion over here though – about the engine of this Brio diesel. We know that Brio sedan would use a 1.5L diesel engine. Would Honda use the same on Brio hatch diesel to save on costs or would the hatch get a smaller (possibly a 3-cylinder version of 1.6L engine) 1.2L diesel engine?


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Source: Team-BHP

Arghya Pan

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