New-Gen Honda Civic Spotted at Tapukara Plant [Rumour]

Honda has been busy all these months. The BR-V is finally out and the new Jazz is keeping the accountants occupied and with this, they are almost done in the volume-selling car space. Next what? Shift focus to more premium models, this time possibly on the legendary Civic.

While the executive D segment sedan, which looked ahead of its times back when it was launched, did meet success initially, sales started drying when it was axed in 2012. And ever since 2013 or 2014, there have been rumours of Honda considering re-introducing the new-gen Civic in India.

And now, a unit of the new-gen Civic has been reportedly snapped in India. Motorbeam claims that the spy pictures you see on this page have been secretly clicked inside the manufacturer’s Tapukara facility. If this claim is true, this will give substance to the endless rumours floating around claiming a possible re-launch of the Civic in India. Honda exited the D-segment sedan territory because of several reasons. The first being the situation of rupee.

Honda Civic

They said the falling rupee and rising yen was eating into their profit margins. Moreover, C2 sedans were (and are) venturing into the D-sedan market share. The lack of a diesel engine did not help matters either. Honda does have the 1.6 liter i-DTEC diesel engine now.

Honda Civic interiors

However, we do NOT expect the new Civic to hit our shores this year. With the Accord expected to launch next, the Civic can be seen as a plan for 2017 or later! In fact, we are not very confident if Honda will really want to venture into a dying segment but something has to explain its Indian presence…

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