Honda’s Accord holds a special place in my heart, being one of the first cars I drove. Although didn’t really know much about driving back then but I was blown away by the build quality of the car.

Last year Honda decided to discontinue their flagship sedan in India because of falling sales. As per the new report published on Autocar India, Honda is reportedly keen on bring back the car in 2015 in its modern day avatar.

Another reason for the low sales of the older Accord was the introduction of cheaper models by the three big German luxury brands. The Accord with a 2.4L engine was priced around 24-25 odd lakh of those green pieces of paper, bringing it dreadfully close to the cheapest Bimmers, Mercs and Audis. But all of that was a thing of the past as Honda’s new Accord is set to hit our shores with a storm.

But will its new stint be better than the last time when the Accord clocked just 215 units in the time period ranging from June to November 2013. Yes, it looks promising!


According to Autocar, the new Accord will include:

  • A shorter overall length and wheelbase, which would also help in improving its drivability.
  • Same amount of vast interior space thanks to some clever engineering by Honda designers.
  • The interiors will get a through evolutionary upshift, making the car seem premium, something which it anyway is.
  • A new stiffened chassis which will give it more structural strength, a very important safety boost.
  • A sharper design philosophy to make it look more angular and sporty.
  • A new electric power steering to make the drive feel better and easier.
  • The new Accord is also believed to be getting a new 4 cylinder 2.4L, naturally aspirated petrol engine, also, the old 3.5L V6 from the last generation might be axed because of its low demand.
  • No confirmation of a diesel mill yet but it would surely be the right thing to do.


Along with the new Accord, Honda is also expected to bring out a diesel variant of the popular soft roader, the CR-V, with a 1.6L churning out 119.6PS of power and 299.1Nm of torque. This engine is basically a rebored version of the 1.5L Earth Dream engine we get on the new City and Amaze!

Honda is on a roll, for sure!




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