Honda Recalls 50,000 Civics Over A Drive Shaft Issue in US

US wing of Honda has decided to voluntarily recall approximately 50,000 New 2012 Civics in order to inspect the left drive shaft and replace it if necessary. The company thinks that the Left Drive Shaft may not has been properly assembled in certain vehicles.

2013 Honda Civic


This fault may result the shaft detaching from the outer CV joint while the car is in motion; and if the shaft comes out of the CV joint, the engine won’t be able to propel the car. Also,  the vehicle may roll away if the parking brake has not been set when the gear selector has been placed in the Park position, increasing the risk of a crash or personal injury. However, no crashes or personal injuries related to this issue, have been reported till date.


Honda will start mailing its customers from late-June, asking owners of all affected vehicles to visit the nearest authorised service centre along with their cars. All owners of Civic will also be able to check if their vehicle needs a repair by going online to the official website of Honda.


Honda has launched the new Civic in Thailand and the same is expected to come to India. Check out the new Civic gallery here.



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