Honda is on a definite path to take things by storm. The recent revelation from the Japanese major came in the form of an Urban SUV teaser. 

Honda teased it next generation Jazz based mini SUV, or call it a Compact UV, a new segment emerging these days. The CUV will be displayed as a concept vehicle and the production ready version is expected to go on sale in 2-3 years.


Honda is betting big on its upcoming diesel engines and the slew of new launches that are going to happen in near future. The Jazz’s new platform is due in the next two years and the baby SUV will be spun off it. With the advent of the new platform, Honda is targeting a sales volume of 4,00,000 units an annum in the United States and Europe.

The CUV is an integral part of Honda president Takanobu Ito’s not-so-over ambitious plans of doubling its global sales by 2017 to 6 million units an annum. With the new found love of people around the world for Compact UVs and SUVs, the car is expected to be received with a lot of curious eyes as it comes with a Honda badge. Based on the superb looking Jazz, we expect it to be a looker as well.

Honda has given global units the freedom to develop Jazz according to the local markets so expect similarly-specced yet different variants of the CUV. When Honda teased the CUV, the only thing that it stated about the car was that “It will be a global concept model combining a sporty and dynamic SUV profile with a spacious, functional interior.

Considering that India is one of most potent markets when it comes to accepting compact SUVs (read as Renault Duster), the CUV is expected to make an Indian debut as well after soon after it goes into production.

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Source: CarScoop

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