Launched a few years back in India, Nissan Micra has been straitjacketed to a “Cute Car” image in India. The relaxed curves and rounded profile have given it a laid-back sort of impression. It would be difficult for it to get mistaken as a sporty-car-that-gives-you-the-kick.

Somehow, the Nissan Micra has failed to set the cash registers ringing. Probably its cutesy image has shooed away customers who would prefer a bit more zest and liveliness. Nissan seems to have realized this shortcoming, and they have put together their efforts to improve the situation.

Nissan-Micra-Nismo-India (3)

According to an Autocar India report, Nissan’s indigenous Motorsports and Performance division Nismo might be looking to usher in its tweaked Micra in India.

Here’s what you could get your hands on if you invest in a Nismo Micra :-

  • Sportier looking interiors as well as exteriors (Though we still feel the “Cute” DNA stays ingrained!!)
  • Reworked bumpers and side skirts
  • Newer wheels, wrapped in Nismo’s trademark Red touch

Nissan-Micra-Nismo-India (4)

  • A different exhaust as well as a stiffer suspension setup accompanied by more powerful brakes (Could be ignored in India to lower costs )
  • The icing on the cake is the 1.5 L Petrol engine that churns out 114 ponies, and transfers 16 kgm of torque to the wheels. Unfortunately, it could also be ditched in the Indian version to lower costs.
  • The Nismo Micra will retail in the range of 8-9 lakhs.

Nissan-Micra-Nismo-India (1)

Nissan has penned high hopes on the Micra brand. They have brought in a facelifted Micra, right on the heels of an international launch. The previously available Micra has been relaunched as the Micra Active, and is less pricey than the facelifted edition.

We cannot confirm the Nismo Micra’s introduction into the Indian market, but if it’s done then we are sure it will add a new facet to Micra’s brand identity. Does the Nismo Micra excite you too?

– Bishakh

Source: AutoCar




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