Hyundai Mocks at Buyers! Increases Already Overpriced Creta Prices by Upto 22,386!

Hyundai’s Creta is in the buying books of a lot of buyers! It is registering almost the same response Duster saw when it was launched. Despite being an expensive product, the company has so far managed to rake significant volumes every month. Now, mocking at buyers, Hyundai India has increased the prices of their SUV right in the middle of the festive season when buying sentiments are high! Yes, the already overpriced Creta is costlier by up to Rs 22,386 depending on the variant you buy!

Creta comes with an automatic transmission only in the second top variant (SX+) and does not get an all-wheel drive system!

Creta Prices : Old vs New

Here’s a quick list to show the difference in prices of the Creta:


As we can see the petrol variant has undergone a price rise of upto a maximum amount of Rs 10,000. Even the base and mid variant of the diesels with the smaller 1.4 litre mill has not been shown any mercy but Hyundai is making a killing with the bigger 1.6 litre diesel. The automatic variant gets an increase of a whopping Rs 22,386. The final on-road price increment will be even larger!

It is shocking to understand that not even a single diesel variant falls under the Rs 10 lakh on-road price mark even in Delhi… yes, not even the very average 1.4 liter diesel!

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Quite clearly, Hyundai is making hay while the sun shines. The company understands that like any other product, Creta’s sales will fall when worthy competitors like Maruti’s YBA and Honda’s 7-Seater BR-V get launched early next year. So, they are laughing their way to glory by selling Creta at highly inflated prices and since there is a massive hype at the moment, they may get away with that.

BTW, just to give you a very worthy alternate, Duster is going for some best-ever discounts…  😉

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