While Hyundai was busy launching their only compact SUV in India, some folks out there have already crash tested its worthiness and verified Hyundai’s claims. Pictures of first and second crash of Creta have come up at Facebook and what we see is something not very pleasing.

In the first pic set, Creta is seen with a very bad face with broken headlamps, bumper, side fenders, windshield, mirrors etc, a result of a front collision with something. We are not sure of the impact on the inside and what variant is this. But we hope the damages are superficial and the owner gets to drive his car again.

Hyundai-Creta-Crash-accident-pics (2)

The second pics set is a bigger concern though. The car has rammed into something and has turned turtle, hinting at the possibility of a high speed maneuver either gone wrong or it was done to save something.

Hyundai-Creta-Crash-accident-pics (3)

Both the cars appear to be unregistered and brand new. We are not sure of the whereabouts of either of these accidents and hope the occupants are safe. While we are at this, we urge you to drive with sensibilities, take your time to get accustomed to a new car, consider buying a car with basic safety features at least and ALWAYS WEAR SEAT BELTS!

Hyundai-Creta-Crash-accident-pics (4)


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We hope there is nothing intrinsicly wrong with Hyundai Creta as it is already reeling under the image of a higher-than-expected launch price identity. Not a very good start this…




  1. Looks like some there’s some agency in India that offers professional services to try and sabotage products!! First it was the Ecosport that got such treatment during its launch…. now its the Creta!!
    Despite all the damaged shots of the Ecosport, I went ahead and bought one, and till date I am enjoying the drive… without any problems – even when I sometimes press on the accelerator around 120-140…!
    Th people / agency indulging in such despicable acts of sabotage should be identified and brought to book!

    • I agree with you to some extent. the way these pictures are put on the net without giving the actual details. In the case where the car had turned turtle the facts have already come out on some car sites, what happened was that the driver probably driving rash or some reason hurt someone on the road and the public bashed up the driver and turned the vehicle, there were pictures of same also. It was a test vehicle and was not registered and happened within two days of launch when the deliveries had not even started.
      The other is a case which was reported in the newspaper where the vehicle was stolen by someone who knew the owner and was speeding and probably couldn’t control the vehicle whilst escaping , also could be the driver was not even knowing properly how to drive.
      There are many people wanting to put down this car for two reasons one was when the price was announced it was higher than expected and the other is obvious.
      Such things happen but readers should not be influenced without knowing facts.


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