REVEALED: Hyundai’s INTRADO Crossover Concept; Pics & Details

Hyundai has finally released the details about its new Concept Crossover called the Intrado CUV. The car will premiere at the Geneva Auto Show starting next month.


Intrado refers to the curved underside of any aerodynamic surface that is used to generate lift. And that underlines the design philosophy of the Hyundai Intrado CUV Concept. The Intrado focuses on the usage of advanced technologies and materials which are inspired from aircrafts. These include a lightweight body construction, aerodynamic body surfaces without any noticeable creases and a very efficient powertrain.

The body panels are made from advanced super lightweight steel from Hyundai Motor’s dedicated steel plant. The Korean carmaker claims that the specific material improves crash performance and betters repair times.


The Intrado’s exteriors are futuristic, to say the least. With the trademark Hyundai hexagonal grille upfront, there’s no doubt about the suave identity of the  Intrado CUV. Flared headlamps with LEDs and boomerang-shaped tail-lamps make the Intrado CUV an absolute traffic-stopper.

A similar story continues on the interiors too, with the Concept car sporting a bright orange colored theme. Technically, the car is ahead of the curve, too. The Intrado Concept is powered by a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that uses a Li-ion 36 kWh battery. It can be refuelled in just a few minutes and has a range of up to 600kms. The car emits only water but promises responsive and agile driving because of the reduced weight and the efficiency of the powertrain.

Other features include :

  • The seals of opening panels shut directly against the central carbon frame.
  • Carbon fibre is displayed whenever doors, hood or trunk is opened.
  • Components that are usually concealed in cars have been highlighted, including the ‘see-through’ air vents and exposed frame onto which the seats clip directly.

Don’t you feel the Hyundai Intrado is an interesting concept with the right dynamics and size and the production version could well be a real Duster-big competition in the compact SUV/Crossover space in India?

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Hyundai Intrado Pics Gallery

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