Hyundai Plans to Sell 1,52,000 New Santa Fe’s This Year Worldwide

While it has not made it to India yet, Hyundai has set big time hopes on the its flagship SUV, the new Fluidic Santa Fe which was unveiled at the New York Auto Show a few days back.

  • Hyundai expects to sell 1.52 lakh (1,52,000)total Santa Fe’s this year
  • Out of these, 42,000 units are expected to be sold in its home turf of Korea and the remaining 1.10 lakh worldwide.
  • Next year ie 2013, this figure of total Santa Fe sales is planned to go upto 3.85 lakh units.
  • Hyundai says their new Santa Fe would be a competition to Audi Q5.
  • This new model is scheduled to get launched in June in Europe, July in USA and October in China. No mention of India.
  • Company claims it has already received pre-orders of the car to the tune of 15,000 units in South Korea.

Would Santa Fe bring in the expected units for Hyundai remains to be seen as the big SUV gets ready to hit the roads? We, in India, wait for any update from Hyundai regarding Santa Fe’s hitting our shores.

For a quick view of the new Santa Fe, check out our following article

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Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash

Source : Reuters


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