Hyundai Quashes Rumours of Genesis Coming to India

Hyundai may have been known for making small hatchbacks, mid-sized sedans and soft SUVs, however internationally the company has a very interesting line-up of luxury cars under the ‘Genesis’ brand which have been the true showcase of the company’s potential! The Genesis brand houses premium cars with engine displacements ranging from 3.3 litre V6 to mighty 5.0 litre V8!

There have been various rumors that cite that the South Korean manufacturer is planning to bring the Genesis brand to India and a few pictures too came up on the internet (of possibly some privately imported Genesis).

Hyundai Genesis 2015 front

The company management, when asked at the recent launch press conference of Creta quashed all such rumors and informed us that they have no plans of bringing the Genesis brand to India. This should put an end to all the speculations that were in the air.

The Genesis family aims to give its customers the luxury of an E class or 5 series at the price of a C class or a 3 series. It makes absolute sense actually. The Genesis may sound tempting but Indians are very cliched when it comes to buying luxury products.

Hyundai Genesis 2015 rear

Remember the Kizashi? Yes that was a different segment and times have changed but it would be difficult for our countrymen to buy a premium car at 40-50 Lakhs from a maker whose first product in India was the Santro! Maruti had to launch an all-new premium Nexa concept to sell its over 10 Lakh priced cars!

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