Hyundai Unveils Grand i10 for India; Will Get 1.1L Diesel Engine & Sit Between i10 & i20

To cash in on the huge and successful brand image of the i10, Hyundai has unveiled to a select gathering a new car which it calls the Grand i10. This is the same car that Hyundai has been testing for sometime in India. The event took place in Hyderabad and though the car has a common name “i10”, that is exactly where the similarities end.


As we have talked about earlier, Hyundai intends to position this Grand i10 in between the i10 and the i20. The Grand i10, however, will not be offered in Europe. In India, the Grand i10 will coexist with the i10, as the i10 can be called a blockbuster model in every right. The Grand i10 is actually based on the Hyundai’s BA platform, which is related to the next-gen i10.

At a very first glance, the Hyundai Grand i10 appears to be quite raunchier than the relatively bland i10. The design cues are sharper, though not as fluidic as the Verna. There’s the signature Hyundai hexagonal grille, as well as a parting in the bonnet above it. The headlamps are slightly stretched upwards, which adds a bit of menace to the usually puny image of hatchbacks.

What also adds to the menace is the slightly falling roofline with carrier bars on top of the roof. There is also a black plastic ribbing on the door of the Hyundai Grand i10, we do feel it adds a bit of muscle. The Hyundai Grand i10 has a good feel altogether, melding beefiness, albeit understated, with the compactness of hatchbacks that makes driving a breeze in crowded conditions.

At the rear, there is some resemblance to the i20 with the creases around the tailgate. The taillamps are, however, different and they look good too. The overall stance of the Hyundai Grand i10 is somewhat more imposing than regular hatchbacks, with the longer wheelbase and the 14-inch wheels that it runs on.


Coming to the interiors, the Hyundai Grand i10 has a few unique features that could put segment cars to shame. What one gets includes a cooled glove box as well as a 2-DIN audio system with 1 GB of internal memory. There are rear air-conditioning vents too. Auto folding mirrors with turn indicators integrated also have found their way on to the Grand i10, along with rear parking sensors.

Storage space is generous as well as the large boot. There are lots of cubby holes and door pockets that can comfortably hold tidbits. The solid rear parcel shelf too has recesses to keep commodities. However, the width of the Grand i10 is not as large as the Indica. Though there is decent legroom, the middle passenger could feel cramped due to the rear air-conditioning vent. Summing it up, according to the drive reports pouring in, the Grand i10 feels snug and comfortable on the inside.

The new Hyundai Grand i10 will be powered by Hyundai’s smallest yet 1.1L 3-cylinder U2 diesel motor as well as the current 1.2L Kappa2 petrol engine. Hyundai has not revealed the specifications of the diesel engine for India but it is estimated to produce 70PS of power and close to 175Nm of torque.

The small diesel motor is tuned for city driving, hence there is abundant torque in the low-rpm range. However, the mill struggles at higher revs and with full load of passengers.


Since the Grand i10 will jostle for space in between the i10 and the i20, an entry price of about 4-4.25 lakhs for the petrol and 5-5.25 Lakhs for the diesel (ex-showroom) is reasonable. It will go on sale in India next month.

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Driving characteristics & review details source: Autocar India & Team-Bhp

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