The B-segment is testimonial to some frenzied action by a couple of carmakers. Honda has unveiled its 2014 Jazz (Known as Fit in some countries). Infact, a few guys have already taken the wheel of the 2014 Jazz and they have come out with encouraging opinions, to say the least.

New-2015-Hyundai-i20-facelift (1)

The other Asian manufacturer in the fray is Hyundai, who is looking to upgrade their i20. The i20 test mules are no surprise; they were first spotted in South Korea. A few days later, they were caught on the Indian roads with disguise. The “Uber Cool” car’s design cues are still very cool, but if Hyundai is offering us a feast-of-an-upgrade, let us not deny it!!

According to an Autoevolution report, the Hyundai i20 has been sighted once again. These spyshots have captured the i20 test mule in greater detail. The sighted car had better-designed alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof as well. The mirrors probably have got LED indicators on them, but we aren’t sure if they will start turning at the press of a button.

New-2015-Hyundai-i20-facelift (2)

In tune with the earlier spyshots, the car looks bigger than the current version of i20. While we do feel it does lend robustness to the i20, we are also worried about the length breaching the 4-metre benchmark and thus ending up attracting higher excise duties. The current i20 has a length of 3995 mm, a tad short of the limit. Is Hyundai in a precarious situation?

The current i20 doesn’t look puny, so why tinker around with a specification that’s posing no risk. However, there’s more than just a probability of the headlamps and the tail-lamps getting reworked. They will probably end up looking more fluidic.

Details regarding the powerplants are speculative at best. Hyundai could utilise the 1.1 Liter and the 1.4 Liter diesel mills which are seeing action on its sister-concern Kia’s Rio. The petrol mills on offer could include a new, small turbocharged unit called the Kappa 1.0 T-GDi. This mill is also used on Kia’s models.

New-2015-Hyundai-i20-facelift (3)

Hyundai is currently busy working on its Next-Gen i10 to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This newer next-gen i10 will be launched in India most probably next month. There is a possibility, however faint, that the i20 could also be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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